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We are honored that you have visited our website.  We would like to help you know Jesus better and become a great winner in life.

Our Purpose is to be a church family where everyone is important.  The Savior is important.  Those Seeking are important.  And the Saved are important.

Our Outreach » We are an outreach church in a casual country setting.  Our desire is to bring calm and confidence to you and in your home through the comfort of the Scriptures.
» We offer in-home Bible lessons that meet your needs.
» God made you important and we would feel privileged to have you visit us or call (641-682-1013).
~ Dick & Nancy
Our Sunday meetings of friendship and encouragement are 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.  Wednesday evening small groups in a home setting.

Do you need some friends who care and can help you?

Dick & Nancy Ellis